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Consumer Law Center, Inc. exclusively represents California consumers experiencing financial distress. Our qualified staff is experienced with the unique difficulties that consumers face every day, and we're here to help!

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Information for debtors

Bank Account Levies

Has a creditor taken money from your bank account? Has a Judgment been entered against you and now you're afraid your account could be levied? This guide will answer your questions about bank account levies and your options.


Collection Lawsuit Defense

95% of credit card collection lawsuits result in judgment against the debtor because most debtors do not challenge the case! Many debtors fail to file an Answer or appear in court and have a default judgment entered against them.


Common Defenses to Creditor Lawsuits

When a lawsuit is filed against you, there are various defenses that can be used to beat the debt collector. The defenses available in your case will vary depending on the type of debt that is being collected. This guide provides information and answers regarding defenses available when a creditor files a lawsuit against you.


The Basics of Defending Creditor Lawsuits

This guide provides general information about the defenses to a lawsuit filed by a creditor, debt buyer or debt collector.


Vacating a Default Judgement

Has a default judgment been entered against you? Don't despair, the law may provide you with options to fight against the Judgment! This guide explains some of the various ways that a Judgment against you may be vacated and set aside thereby allowing you to fight the lawsuit.


Wage Garnishments

Suffering from a wage garnishment? Both California and Federal laws regulate wage garnishments. This guide will help you learn about wage garnishments and the rights provided to you under the law.



Fred W. SchwinnManaging Attorney

Fred W. Schwinn is a licensed attorney admitted to practice in the States of California and Kansas. Fred is the shareholder and owner of the Consumer Law Center, Inc. His practice is dedicated exclusively to


Raeon R. RoulstonAssociate Attorney

Raeon R. Roulston is a licensed attorney admitted to practice in the State of California. His practice is dedicated exclusively to representing consumer debtors in bankruptcy, stopping predatory and abusive consumer lending practices, and protecting